Batooni shows your video ads to your
consumers on their mobile phones and
pays them for watching
your ads


How it works


We show an ad when our
subscribers make a phone
call, before the call connects.
Subscribers get money
transferred to their mobile
phone accounts

For the first time your advertising money
now does good to the last man, who needs
money as much as he needs your products.

Advertisers’ money on Batooni has been
making real difference in people’s lives.

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Your campaign, your rules.

A sophisticated campaign
design & management
system ensures targeted
campaign rollout to precise
audience, delivering
unprecendented ROI to

Batooni runs on a state of the art AI
enabled system that lets advertisers
configure their campaigns precisely on
demographic distribution, frequency of
impressions, and even days of the week
that the ads are shown on.

Launch your campaign today!



I’d say there is nothing that you do not know
already, but if you must ask…here are the answers


1. I installed the application but cannot register, why?

There can be few scenarios when this can happen, let us figure it out together.

2. If the internet switched off?

That might be it, while the Batooni does not need the internet to show you ads, it does need connectivity to register and fetch data from the server.Please retry when you are in a Wi-Fi zone.

3. Have you registered on Batooni earlier with the same number?

Batooni does not allow you to restore your account using the same number more than 3 times within 14 days.

4. I am getting the error message “Circle is not open for you”

Oops, we are not currently serving customers from your region right now. We are working really hard to reach you, expect us soon at your doorsteps!

5. I use Jio, how can Batooni help me?

If only we had a penny for each time someone asked us that question. If your bills are taken care of, spread happiness using Batooni.

6. What is screen overlay and why is it interfering with Batooni?

Phew! Screen overlay is a feature of your phone which does… well, that probably doesn’t matter. What matters is that it is common to face problems while installing other applications on your phone. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that our application is not safe.Please go to your settings tab and switch off- “Screen overlay” or disallow “drawing over other apps”
Here is a tutorial

7. My connection is post-paid, can I still use Batooni?

Of course, Batooni wallet can be used to pay your post-paid bills.

1. Will I get money if I skip an ad?

No, Batooni only registers a view when the ad is completed. Therefore when you skip an ad, you don’t get paid.

2. Will I get money if the call does not connect?

Of course, you watch the whole ad and you get paid, that’s the deal.

3. Can I recharge someone else’s number using my Batooni wallet?

Yes.Steps to follow:-

  • Switch off “Auto- Recharge” from the settings tab.
  • Go to the wallet, make sure you have sufficient balance in you Batooni wallet.
  • Click “Recharge” and change the details such as operator, phone number, and amount.
  • Ta-da! It’s done.

4. Can I transfer my available wallet to another person?

No, but you can recharge their mobile phone account and that is as good.

5. Can I transfer my available balance to my Paytm account?

No, not yet but hang on, we are working on it.

6. What is the auto-recharge feature?

If this is on, then after every 20 ads, your phone number will be recharged with INR 10. If you switch this off, this INR 10 will be added to your Batooni account. We will keep this away safely till you want.

7. I tried recharging from Batooni wallet but the recharge is failing.

There can be few scenarios when this can happen, let us figure it out together. Please check the following:

  • Are you connected to the internet?
  • Are you typing the correct phone number?
  • Are you selecting the correct operator and network?
  • Is recharge of the amount available for your network? For example, Airtel post-paid does not allow a payment of less than INR 50.
  • Please retry in some time.
  • If all else fails, please write to us with screenshots at

1. I cannot understand my “ads details”.

Batooni believes in sharing with you all relevant details and this is part of us doing that.Ads remaining for today- Number of ads left for you to view todayTotal Ads available for today- Maximum number of ads that you can view today.
Ads remaining for next recharge- Number of ads you need to watch to get your next recharge

2. I have an internet connection but Batooni shows the message “Please connect to internet”, why?

Batooni needs to connect to its server once every 24 hours. Please try again in some time, we are sure it will sync and details such as ads and wallet would refresh.

Drop us an email at and we will respond and add your query to the list.



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